Christmas in the Philippines officially start in November, right after All Saints’ Day.   One indication that Christmas is just around the corner is when Ayala Avenue’s lamp posts are brightened up with pretty lights, and traffic becomes your worst nightmare.   I like this year’s design – a mix of stars that look like snowflakes.   They’re very pretty and cool to the eyes – making me forget about the humid weather we’re having at this time of the year:    

Back when we were young, my parents used to take me and my brother for a late night cruise at Ayala Avenue just to see the Christmas light decors.   Back then, the Ayala management has this sort of a yearly contest among the building owners there for the most unique and beautiful Christmas decor.   And because  I love moving lights more than anything else, I always wanted those with pretty lantern lights that forms a big parol or Christmas tree to win.     Now only a few buildings bother to decorate for the holidays.

Like this one from Security Bank.   It’s simple but very pretty.  They used their company colors for the stars:  

Hoping to see more of these pretty lights!