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Everyday on our way home we have to survive this monster traffic along Buendia, because traffic enforcers there (are they part of the MMDA or the Pasay government?) don’t seem to know what their purpose there are.

Take for example this guy (in a green jacket uniform) who just stared at the traffic before him:     

He doesn’t look helpless there because he’s not doing anything to ease the traffic.  Trikes and jeeps which are turning from the rotunda (left side of the picture) are cutting into the cars and buses there, making the traffic worse.

Let’s just remove these enforcers shall we?   And maybe install more traffic lights and separate lanes for the jeeps and trikes.    It’s pathetic really, seeing that our taxes goes to these people who do not know that their job is to manage traffic flows, and not just stand there wishing that their shift is over.