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Christmas is that time of the year where we receive the most number of C’s – cookies, cakes, chocolates and candies.   All sweet food!  And we love receiving them, right?

Unfortunately for me, I am not a sweet-tooth person but I do crave for one once in a while.    On the other hand, AJ loves sweet.   But I do appreciate good dessert food (as long as it’s not sugary sweet) and I have on hand a list of those I’ve tried, tested and took note of  because in cases where we could not think of any gift idea, we always go for edible sweets.

Here are some of our favorites, which might be of help in case you are still in the lookout for edible gifts this Christmas:

1.  Death by Tablea by Chocolat.   We almost always order for this everytime we’re at Chocolat at SM Mall of Asia.   My mom is from Batangas and every time visit her hometown somebody gives us tablea balls to take home and make into hot tsokolate.   I love the richness of Batangas tablea and the cake version is nothing short of its good, rich chocolate taste.    A great gift for those who addicted to chocolate cakes.   

2.  Chicago Cheesecake from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.  The best cheesecake in town (and maybe in the whole world!).   It has the best texture I’ve ever encountered.   It’s soft but is not so creamy like the other cheesecakes I’ve tasted (which is more like a cream cake than a cheese cake).  When I first had this it was priced at less than a hundred bucks (P100.00), but now each slice is P135 but I wouldn’t mind paying if it’s already P200 / slice, as long as they do not compromise the taste.   It’s kinda expensive as a gift, though, but a perfect gift, nonetheless.   

3.  Red Velvet Vixen from Cupcakes by Sonja.   I am really not a cupcake person.  That’s until I discovered Sonja’s Cupcakes at Serendra.   I was drawn on the red one because it was so pretty and has a cool name, Red Velvet Vixen.  I took my first bite and I know I’m hooked.  The cream cheese frosting has a perfect sweetness that is right for my taste.   And you will taste the cream cheese indeed, unlike other red velvet cheesecakes which have sugary sweet frostings.   I have tried their other cupcakes but I always go back to this one.   Love love love.      4.  Cote d’Or Noir Orange.   BEST CHOCOLATE EVER.  All flavors from Cote d’Or are good, but my favorite is this dark chocolate-orange concoction.   I simply could not describe how luxuriously good it is.  And it’s very hard to find here in Manila.   Would you believe that I was able to find this at the Duty Free shop in SM Cebu?   I learned about this because my officemate loves chocolates and elephants.  So this chocolate brand is her ultimate must-have.  Very expensive but very worth the price.    That’s what you would expect for the best Belgian chocolate on earth.                              5.  Estrel’s Caramel Cake.    We grew up having Estrel’s caramel cake during our birthdays.   In fact, I thought of having Estrel’s cake during our wedding but it’s just too expensive a wedding cake hehe.   Everyone would love to receive an Estrel’s cake – it’s super moist cake and caramel icing are too tempting to resist.    Yumyum!    Below is the Estrel’s cake I had during my birthday last year (a gift from AJ):  

6.  Mochi Ice Cream by Sophie’s Mom.   I have tasted other mochi ice creams but the ones by Sophie’s Mom are probably the best.  The mochi (pounded sticky rice) is not thick so it’s not difficult to bite into.  The flavors to try there are:   strawberry, cookie dough and frozen brazo.    

7.  Marks and Spencer’s Dark Chocolate Digestives.  We hoard this especially if on sale hehe!    AJ and I love to eat this with our coffee or tea.  A super nice gift to friends this Christmas, and not expensive at all (P135/pack).

8.  S&R’s Apple Pie.   Lucy Torres raved about this and now we know why.  It’s the perfect american apple pie.   The apples are chunky you can bite into them.  Perfect cinammon-apple combination.   Great taste!   You will definitely go back for more of this.    

Oh boy, this post suddenly made me hungry.    Will make myself a cup of warm coffee now, to be paired with 2 pieces of our dark chocolate digestives from Marks and Spencer.   A perfect way to cap the night!

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