For me, the best chicken inasal in town is from Bacolod Chicken.   Remember my post about Chicboy?   Chicken inasal does not and should not taste like chicken barbeque, it’s made of a unique marinade and blend of spices, and grilled without turning the chicken skin into black.

We haven’t eaten at Bacolod Chicken in a while so last week, when we were cruising Jupiter Street on the way to Glorietta, we made a stop at Bacolod Chicken for our favorite dishes.

For our soup, we ordered their Molo Soup which is done Ilonggo-style, so expect it to have a strong garlic flavor (that I love!). 

Their Chicken Inasal (Petcho) was grilled beautifully, without burning the whole chicken skin black.   The atsuete oil (annatto oil) is not overpowering, and the chicken marinate has the right blend of saltiness in it.   Chicken Inasal is best eaten with a soy sauce-vinegar dip, for maximum goodness.  

Of course, we can’t eat the chicken without rice!   But instead of having plain rice, we ordered their Sisig Rice which is equally good and is already a meal in itself.  It’s good for 2-3 persons, but AJ and I were able to finish this off (takaw!).  

We have to have some veggies too, and the Ubod na Hubad was our choice for this particular meal.   The serving was big (good for 2 persons but it was way plenty for the two of us) and the veggies were fresh.   I’m glad they put lots of fresh garlic on it because we prefer it to have strong garlic flavor. 

Bacolod Chicken has 7 branches nationwide, so when craving for this special grilled chicken, check which branch is nearest you and go satisfy that craving.

Of all the restaurants serving Chicken Inasal that I’ve tried, Bacolod Chicken is still the best for me, and super affordable at that.   For this meal, we spent only P600.00-something.  Not bad at all, for a meal that left us very full and satisfied.