My good friend Denise (we’ve been friends since college) has discovered the love for cooking and baking.   She’s especially good with cookies and I was very happy to learn that she has started selling cookies to friends this Christmas, and has even come up with a cute name for her business:  Kitchentales.

Tea cookies are her specialty and these are no ordinary cookies taken during tea time.   They are called tea cookies because the cookies are made with….you guessed it right….. tea leaves!    The first time I tasted her tea cookies was during the house warming we had at our apartment and I really loved them.  She brought  the jasmine cookies then.   There is a joy in tasting and savoring its flavor, and not a bit of bitterness that we will usually expect from tea leaves.

I was pleasantly surprised too to find that she has expanded her tea cookie line  and came up with 3 flavors to choose from:  jasmine, lemon tea and green tea orange.  I wasted no time in tasting them all:

All were good, as I expected, but my favorite would be the green tea orange.   The orange flavor was very evident in this one and the cookies leave a very good aftertaste.  The jasmine tea cookies are perfect with my jasmine tea, while the lemon tea cookies turned out to be AJ’s favorite.

Each box of cookies is priced at P100.00 and contains 12 thin-sized cookies in sealed plastic.    They are packaged by hand in green cupcake box and tied with a purple organza ribbon. 

To order these flavorful and strictly no-preservatives tea cookies, get in touch with Denise of Kitchentales at 0917-5703882 or drop her an email at kitchentales@ymail.com.

I hope you get to enjoy these tea cookies soon!  Perfect for the afternoon tea!