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Tomorrow is our office’s children’s party, a yearly event we organize every December for the kids.   I am in charge of the games and I am already excited to see them get challenged with what I’ve prepared haha.

I am also done preparing my Christmas loot bags.  For weeks I’ve been racking my brain on what to give them kids.   It’s so difficult to think of a uniform gift for kids ranging from 2 to 17 years old.  So I decided on a loot bag instead and filled it with some of my favorite snacks hehe.

I had so much fun shopping for the loot bag snacks last weekend and here’s what I bought – a mix of candies, nuts, cookies, jelly and chocolates.  

I divided the items and arranged them in round plastic canisters, like this: 

I found these nice doily papers also in the supermarket and placed it just above the snacks, before sealing it with the canister cover.  

I made about 30 of them, while watching “Salt” on TV hehe.     

For the label tags, I just placed a gift tag sticker on top of the cover, which I bought at National Bookstore for P30.00 (each pack has 40 stickers).  

I am happy with how the project turned out, and I’ll be glad to do this again should another occasion calls a need for loot bags.