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I am a big, big fan of Hello Kitty and every year I get a Hello Kitty item as Christmas gift – coin purses, mugs, face towel and even a car bobble head with Hello Kitty’s head moving sideways (this freaks me out, though).

But this year, I got really special Hello Kitty gifts that came all the way from Japan!  W@Wie couple Marjorie and Atsushi of On Chocolate Hill gave me these cute and very functional Hello Kitty items:  

The gifts couldn’t come at a better time when I’m waiting for someone to give me a desk calendar to use next year (which is just a few days away!).   This one is not only perfect for my new office, but the vibrant colors of Hello Kitty’s different kimonos will add life to my monochrome-colored office cubicle.   It will also help me think creatively  =)    The paper tape, on the other hand, put a smile on my face because I used to buy knock-off Hello Kitty paper tapes at Divisoria because I can’t find one at Gift Gate hehe!   I remember using it sparingly because it’s really hard to find.  I used the paper tape only to seal the special letters I wrote using, what else, but a Hello Kitty stationery!

Thank you so much, Marjorie and Atsushi for the very thoughtful Christmas gift  =)  You made this grown-up Hello Kitty fan extra happy this Christmas  =)