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AJ and I decided not to give each other presents last Christmas and instead gifted ourselves with the following “investments”:

Got this really generous sale offer at Anson’s Makati for an LG 32-inch LCD TV that we couldn’t resist.   Aside from its superb functions, the lay-away plan (P1,750 for 12 months) was too good to pass by.    

Now, see that black CPU at the left side?  That’s another gift to ourselves this Christmas hehe.  AJ assembled it from scratch.   We decided to invest in a high-powered CPU where we could store our downloaded files (like movies, pictures, etc.) and for me to store my growing picture and blog files too.   I’m getting really serious and happy with this blogging thing and now I can work on this TV-computer (with the help of wireless keyboard and mouse) while resting in our sofa too!

We chose a black case for the CPU for it to blend with the rest of the stuff on this TV rack.  Elegant and cool!    

Last, but not the least, a belated gift which we bought today at Henry’s Camera Shop in Quiapo is no less then the Panasonic Lumix LX5!!!    I know the purchase was kinda late (could have scored better pictures for our Ilocos trip!) but as they always say, it’s better late than never.

We immediately tested our new baby once we had its battery fully charged.   I am particularly glad to have upgraded our camera now because we are planning for more trips this year and yes, a better camera is what we need.

To appreciate the striking difference between the Lumix LX5 and Samsung ES70, I took these shots and compared them with the similar shots I took using ES70:

Taken with Samsung ES70

With Lumix LX5

Our Gingerbread Men posing for the Samsung ES70

Crisp pictures, vivid details, vibrant colors with Lumix LX5

How about you?  What did you get or gifted yourself with last Christmas?