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Wow, only 4 days into my new position and I am feeling both preppy and tired already!

You see, our office underwent a major re-organization last year and as a result, I was offered a new position by my boss, which I decided to take because I’ve been into a same job for 7 years and I think I’m ready to take on a much heavier and stressful environment hehe.   I decided to finally go into the core of our organization’s business and leave corporate planning behind.

So last Monday, the first working day of the year, I felt like a new hire who’s reporting on her first day at work.    Everything in my workplace was new: new workstation, new officemates (except my boss) and new responsibilities.

My first day went on like a normal day would for me: multi-tasking so many deliverables but I can’t believe that I received and answered more than 50 emails in that single day!   Quite overwhelming, really but that’s part of my job now.  Monitoring the operations of our office’s branches is one of my tasks now and I have to take note of every single issue our branch managers refer to me for quick resolution or possible elevation to the management.   It was a job we were trained to do back at the previous department I worked with and I am just thankful that I am coping beautifully with the demands of this one.

I’m now on Day 4 of my job and I’m liking it!  I am also lucky to be working with equally good people so delegating urgent tasks is not a problem (so far, hehe!).

But I am also getting more problems to solve now than before while getting a feel of my new work system.  As a result, I have been eating fast  during lunch.    I also got this bad cold that I caught last week, which thankfully has healed without the aid of medicines.

So it’s no wonder that I am now craving for this rich, dark chocolate cake that we had at Chocolat (SM Mall of Asia branch) last Sunday:   

Hmm…. that’s what I need:  a chocolate fix to cure my fatigue and as a reward for me surviving my 1st week of the year well and good.