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We were at Serendra today and found the place still dolled up for Christmas!

Just check out this pretty Christmas Tree made of lights: 

Greenbelt 5 has this exact Christmas Tree, which should not surprise us, since both establishments are owned by the Ayalas:       

These big snowflakes in acrylic plastic and illuminated by soft light are also very pretty:    

I love the details here.  I could very well use this as stencil ruler hehe.   

We stopped by Sonja’s Cupcakes for some cupcake dessert and this penguin topper is still dressed up for the holidays:  

Meanwhile, I’ve already packed up our Christmas decors this morning and our living room now looks “ordinary” again hehe.   It’s a good thing there weren’t plenty of Christmas home decors to pack, I was done in less than an hour and was even able to change the pillow cases, curtains and table cloth.  Now our living room is in eco-friendly colors of green and brown – which actually relaxes me.

What about you?  Is your home still in Christmas mood?