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Last Christmas, my sis-in-law Juvvy gifted me with this functional and compact bag called The Healthy Back Bag (Baglett version) that is my favorite weekend bag right now because it’s so small and yet could pack so much.   Being the person who loves carrying all the stuff I could hold in my ba (because I don’t want to forget anything, as much as possible),  this bag is an answered prayer.

Here’s my Baglett with the travel essentials I carry with me every time I / we go out:  (Clockwise from the left)  calligraphy and ballpoint pens (because I’ll never know when to write a card for an emergency gift), credit card (BPI), my S&R card (we love making unscheduled stops at S&R to buy their pizzas), my comb (already chipped off but still in good working condition hehe), house keys, cellphone, band-aid and some medicines, some money (I bring just enough to avoid impulse buying), grocery list (have to write them all down or else we’ll end up buying food stuff we don’t need), USB flash drive, rubbing alcohol, Nivea lip gloss and some coins.     

Thankfully I’m not a make-up girl so I don’t have to bring face powders and lipsticks.

Now here are more reasons why you will love (and should invest in) this bag:

The Healthy Back Bag’s unique teardrop shape distributes the weight you are carrying evenly along the length of your back rather than pulling from one point on the shoulder – so it doesn’t pull away from the body.

Bagletts, the mini version of The Healthy Back Bag, are functional, fun and perfect for lifes little essentials. They can be clipped inside any Healthy Back Bag or worn on their own any one of five ways by adjusting the detachable shoulder strap. Made from Microfibre, an amazing material; it is easily cleaned and water-repellent, incredibly lightweight yet strong, soft, and luxuriant. Their vibrant colour alone making them a delight to carry anywhere. (from the Healthy Back Bag’s official website).

What more, this bag comes in various colors, sizes and fabrics, and you can definitely find one that is suited to your needs.  Right now, my favorite is the Baglett version, and I’m eyeing a second Baglett bag based on the styles below:

Microfibre Eggplant Baglett (this is the one I got):

Textured Nylon Grasshopper Baglett (check out the bag’s actual size):


Margo Selby Rosella Baglett      


Textured Nylon Dragonfly Black Large Baglett    

The Healthy Back Bag is available at The Travel Club outlets nationwide.

Get yourself one now and experience how the stuff you carry distributes weight down the spine and not away from the body.   Believe me, you won’t even feel that you’re carrying a bag!