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I think I went overboard with the pictures in my previous post that’s why I’m not getting the spacings there right.     So I decided to split my post into 2, and in this one, I will feature the cool Japanese grocery store we saw along Little Tokyo.

It’s called Choto Shop and looks very much like Minute Stop hehe:    

Most items here are priced at P80.00, similar to the concept of Japan Home and Daiso.

Look at those Cup Noodles (Seafood)!   They used to be my favorite when I was young and I remember my mom buying plenty of these for me and my brother.  They’re so hard to find before, but now they’re available at most grocery stores. 

More instant noodles!   Too bad we can’t read Japanese.  

Rice noodles.  I love Japanese packaging – very colorful!      

Coffee in cans.  Will try this next time.        

This is probably my favorite section in the grocery:  the kids’ section hehe!   Lots of cookies, candies and chocolates here.      

What we bought:

Cup Noodle, Nestle Coffee Satchets, Biscuit Sticks with Chocolate Dip and Hello Kitty biscuits!

I gave the biscuit sticks with chocolate dip (the one with the Panda drawing) to Maxine, who looked like a “tween”  already in her cute white top, pink skirt and pink hand bag.   Here she is befriending a cement-cold dragon at Little Tokyo:      

Our group picture at Oishinbo (left:  Roy, Denise and Maxine; right: AJ and I).   Look at my puffy cheeks and double chin!  Ewww!       

Oh Little Tokyo, you sure made me want to come back many times, with your cute grocery shop and rows of Japanese restaurants to try out!