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I turned a year wiser today (!) but last weekend, I already celebrated my natal day in advance during a reunion with my long-time friends, Denise, Roy and Jan, whom AJ and I met at the Podium.

We had dinner at Banana Leaf, known for its Asian fusion menu.   Our menu consisted of a mix of vegetables, seafood and meat.   Each has its own flavor, but all were distinctly Asian.

For appetizer we had Roti Canai with Curry Sauce.  A staple at Banana Leaf.   

For the main course, we had Stir Fried Oat Prawns Singaporean Style.  This one was probably the most expensive in our bill and the most disappointing too.  The prawns were not fresh, with crumbly meat and no flavor at all.    We did not enjoy this.  

But the Tilapia fillet with Nyonya Sauce made up for the prawns’ lackluster taste, with its rich, spicy sauce and the fist meat was  crispy on the outside, soft in the inside.  I highly recommend this dish!   

Another favorite was the Chinese Kangkong with Sambal Sauce.

The Stir-Fried Chinese Turnip Cake with Beansprout and Chives was also good, but very filling (you won’t need rice for this): 

After our hearty meal, my friends surprised me with a cheesecake from Cake-2-Go!   Yummy cake, thoughtful friends!

Thank you Roy, Denise and Jan!  (photo by AJ, hehe!)  

Meantime, Maxine (my goddaughter from Denise) made me this very sweet and creative Birthday Card.  She signed it off and included Raine’s name (who is only 2 years old) in the card.  

Thank you Max and Raine!    Stay sweet as always, like your mommy!

And a big thank you to all who greeted me today.   I did not declare my birth date in my facebook account so I know that all those who greeted me today are those who really knows my birthday hehe!