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I still couldn’t get the hang of Little Tokyo which AJ and I tried out with friends some weeks ago.   So last Monday, to celebrate my birthday, I invited my parents to eat out there again but this time, we tried another restaurant there: Hana.  

Hana is popular for their Takoyaki, which we had the first time we ate at Little Tokyo and which I’d love for my parents to try. Apart from this, we opted to order for the more conservative of Japanese cuisine which we all enjoyed, nonetheless.

For our appetizer, we had California Maki:    

My dad ordered Katsudon, which he shared with my mom: 

AJ and I decided to try their Gyudon instead which is so good, my mom liked it as well.  The beef was very soft and tender, not rubbery at all.   This dish was the best(!) among all that we ordered.                   

Of course, the Takoyaki couldn’t be absent that day, and we once again savored these meatballs without the pork meat – because it’s made of octopus meat!   

Since it was my birthday, we have to have noodles.  The Yakisoba served as my birthday noodles.   This one was also good but the serving’s not big for 4 persons.      

Between Hana and Oishinbo, I think I enjoyed my meal more at Oishinbo even though it’s pricier.   However, I recommend that you try the Gyudon at Hana because it’s really good – even better than that at Sumosam which is also priced higher than Hana’s.

There are still many Japanese restaurant that we want to try at Little Tokyo but I think after Hana, we will be taking a respite in eating Japanese food, as I think I’ve reached satiation point after having my second order of Takoyaki in two week’s time.

Little Tokyo is located at 2277 Pasong Tamo Corner Amorsolo Street, Makati.