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Last Saturday AJ and I attended a family reunion from my dad’s maternal side – the San Miguels – which was held at a private swimming pool owned by one of my dad’s cousins (I think 2nd generation cousins already).   It’s called Villa San Miguel and is located at Calamba in Laguna.

The last time I’ve been there was ages ago, back when I was a kid and don’t know how to swim yet hehe!      The resort has 2 big pools and 1 kiddie pool, enough to keep you busy swimming the whole day!

This is Pool #1 (picture taken with our Samsung ES70)…     

…and Pool #2 (taken with Panasonic Lumix LX5).

The picnic and cabin areas, which were a-plenty:    

A statue of San Miguel (or St. Michael) adorns one of the houses inside the compound:  

It was a lovely day to swim but I just can’t  (you know what I mean, hehe!).

So what did we end up doing?  Well, aside from getting to know and discover my distant relatives, AJ and I feasted on the food that never seemed to run out!    We had a hearty lunch of Filipino food like lechon, embutido (which my dad made), kangkong adobo, halabos na hipon and inihaw na tilapia, and had native fruits for dessert and merienda!

I love our weaved plate holders.   Just place a paper plate over them and you’re good to go (at the buffet table)!     

These lanzones were very big and sweet!  (Am missing them already!)        

We also took home some of these sticky green mangoes (yummy!)  

Food discovery that day:  kimchi!   One of my dad’s relative is married to a Korean so we were treated to this really good Korean delicacy (sorry I forgot the name!) which is made by wrapping pan-fried pork strips, kimchi, onions and a sesame oil dip in some fresh leafy vegetables (lettuce, I think).    

The pork strips were cooked in this electric fry pan:  

Help me name this vegetable please (hehe!). 

AJ loved this veggie roll!      

And so did I!   I looked so takaw in this picture.   My lettuce roll turned to be big hehe!     

I love the combination of fresh vegetable and crispy meat.  The kimchi and sesame oil added flavors, and brought about a warm and happy feeling inside me.    It was indeed a unique gastronomic experience!

Food aside, I know I’d have enjoyed myself better if we were able to take a dip in any of the big pools there.   And that’s a compelling reason for us to take a trip back to Villa San Miguel – even without an occasion hehe!