It was not very difficult for me and AJ to decide on getting a Saladmaster cookware after seeing the “very delicious” presentation made by Kuya Rene and Ate Jane some two weeks ago (in case you missed it, here are the links: part 1 and part 2).    But we do not yet see the need to purchase a set, and would rather settle on the 2 pieces that we immediately need:  a saucepan and an electric skillet.   Thankfully (or rather, luckily) for me, my sis-in-law Juvvy is keen on getting the wok pan and the MP5 oil core (perfect as rice cooker and may also be used to roast chicken).   So we decided to “partner up”, as a result of which made us qualify in getting a set!   And because of that, we were treated to a free 10″ gourmet pan – their free product for the month (yehey!).

The goods were finally delivered last Saturday and it’s like getting my Christmas presents way too early hehe!  

I am now a proud Saladmaster owner!    

After checking out the items, we were taught how to do the “first wash” on the cookware items.   It’s very simple actually, we just mixed together 1 part vinergar and some diswashing liquid, and then wiped the whole pan with it, making sure that all sides were covered with the mixture.   The vinegar will remove all the post-packaging stain in the product.

We also got a free cookbook from Saladmaster and already, I am planning out the recipes to try in the coming weeks and impress my parents, relatives and friends with my healthy cooking!   
Thanks so much to our newfound friends and Saladmaster consultants, Ate Jane and Kuya Rene, for making it possible for me and Juvvy to  own Saladmaster’s exclusive cookware items!

You too can become a Saladmaster owner.   Schedule a cooking session now and experience the difference in cooking with the Saladmaster system.    Learn why and how you can invest in Saladmaster today!