About last week I was secretly wishing that Joshua Ledet would go home in the Final 3 showdown of American Idol.    I got my wish:  Josh Ledet was booted out of American Idol – leaving Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips to compete for the top crown.   All of us thought that Jessica could easily win this one, as she is obviously the one with the  “voice”.     And I thought Americans have had enough of male Idols winning but whose careers did not take off with the same success rate sa Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson.Then again, American Idol is a popularity contest.

Phillip Phillips is the new “American Idol”.    Not surprisingly!     While it broke my heart to see Jessica Sanchez being proclaimed as a runner-up only, I am nonetheless happy to see her contented with the results. After all, she’s the only Asian to have landed in the Top 2 (and the only one saved by the judges to be able to do so).

I am happy for Phillip who was very humble and I hope he’ll do good as this Season’s winner.

Jessica Sanchez may not have been our first American Idol of Asian descent but she is, no doubt, the World’s Idol.   She is our winner – all the way.    Congratulations, Jessica!   I hope you will visit Manila soon!

(All photos were from Google)