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We thought Banapple serves only pastries and pies because every time we pass by it at Ayala Triangle in Makati we see people enjoying their pies or cakes.   We have tried many times to get a seat there too, but it always seem to be full every weekend.

So when AJ and I found ourselves at Ayala Triangle 2 Mondays ago (we have to deliver a gift at the nearby Manila Peninsula), we checked Banapple to see if we can get a seat or two for us.

It was half past lunch when we got there and there was a spot available for us.  Whee!  We were happy to find pasta dishes on the menu because we haven’t had lunch yet hehe.   We tried the lasagna roll-ups (P180.00; good for sharing) and it’s heavenly good!    Herbed cream and parmesan cheeses fill al dente lasagna wide strips, are rolled up, and smothered with Banapple’s classic tomato meat sauce and mozzarella cheese.   An absolute must-try!

For dessert, we chose from among the cakes and pies displayed at the counter: 

We picked the Warm Shoofly Pecan Pie (p110 / slice) because we thought the name was cute hehe:  It was a knockout pie!  Best served warm, this pie was made of potato-based crust (“wet bottom crust”), cinnamon filling and a sweet pecan mixture that you will simply love.  AJ asked the attendants why it was called as such but they seemed to be clueless about that, too.   Now, I know why (thanks Google!).

Shoofly Pie (or Shoo-Fly Pie) originated from Pennsylvania, specifically by the Mennonites or Amish.  The Amish people are known for their pies, and the famous one is the Shoofly Pie – concocted from a limited selection of ingredients that survived long boat trips.  Sticky molasses sometimes formed on the surface of the pie while it was cooling, invariably attracting flies that they have to “shoo” away.   This became the most logical explanation for the name (source:  What’s Cooking America).

Now we know why Banapple is always full.   I definitely would want to come back there for another slice of warm shoofly pecan pie and this time, it’s not gonna be for sharing   =)   http://www.facebook.com/Banapple