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Do you love books?  How do you organize them at home?

AJ and I each have a vast collection of books that we brought into our apartment.   Here are just some of mine (sorry for the bad photo, I took this using my fone):   Since we have a modest-sized apartment for me, we decided to store most of the books for now, but left some for display.    We wanted our start-up home to reflect our personalities – our love for books, to be exact.    Here are some that you will find:

Books under our console table.   I’m thinking of changing the last 2 with books in red cover so they’ll look consistent and more organized.    

The books at our side table have blue and orange color schemes.There are still a number of really nice books that we want to display but there simply isn’t enough space.

Then I saw these book tree shelves that not only looks pretty but interestingly functional as well.   Who can’t love these trees that grow books?

Tree Bookshelf from designer Shawn Soh (www.swiss-miss.com)

Book Tree by Kostas Design (from A Pretty Book)

Sebastian Errazuriz’s “Metamorphosis” bookshelf that is hauntingly beautiful (www.designbook.com)

Branch Book Shelf by Pared Olivier (www.2dots-era.com)

Wisdom Tree (www.diary.ru)

My favorite is the one designed by Shawn Soh – it’s minimalist and cute at the same time.  I like the way the branches are carved to hold the books and the grass green color – a color of balance – would be perfect for our beige and predominantly brown living room.