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There’s a discussion over at the N@W (Newlyweds-at-Work) forum about this month’s electricity bill from Meralco.   While I have just written about how ours went down this month, it seems that it’s the case with most N@Wies (that’s how we call ourselves as members in the group).

The question now is:  how can we save electricity, without sacrificing usage of the appliances we need so badly?     Here are some I could think of, some of which requires us to actually shell out money but would save from higher electricity bills in the future:

1.  Start to replace all of your inefficient incandescent light bulbs and even the energy efficient ones with LED bulbs.   They are not only more efficient, but longer lasting too.

2.  Invest in energy efficient appliances.   One good investment is the inverter aircon.   Although they usually cost a little more initially, the savings in electricity in the long-run will cover that many times over.     

3.  Invest in iron-free clothes.   I do this (that’s why I love Columbia Sportswear hehe) and I have here tops and blouses that doesn’t require ironing at all.

 4. Invest in a lamp for your living room and place it at a corner so that light is reflected in 2 walls.   Since it uses a smaller bulb, you also save on electricity instead of using the main bulb.   Light the lamp instead of the main bulb when just watching TV (after all, you don’t need too bright a room for that).

5.   Use your microwave oven to heat food, instead of heating by re-cooking it in a cook pan.   Although a microwave uses more electricity, it cooks over a very short time and so it saves energy overall.

6.   Do not leave your television in standby mode.   They still consume electricity even when on standby.

7.   Wear loose and comfortable clothes at home so you won’t feel the need to turn on the AC all the time.

8.   Lastly, study your electricity bills.   If you feel that you are already consuming less but still being charged for higher consumption, have your line or meter checked ASAP, for possible illegal connection.

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