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What a funny name for an all-purpose cleaner!  Don’t be deceived though, by its uncreative name, because this super concentrated cleaner from Stanhome World is really effective.

Just see how I was able to turn this dirty monobloc chair …   … into a clean one in minutes, without the use of soap and water!   I have actually just cleaned the top portion when I took this picture but you could see already the big improvement in the “after” photo.

Specially formulated for for tough stains, this concentrated cleaner can remove grease from resistant surfaces such as plastics, wrought iron, concretes and coarse fabrics.  It has the same citronella scent as the insect repellant I bought last time, which has a refreshing scent that will not irritate you at all.

Stanhome World is a direct-selling worldwide company that sells various products from facial care products to perfumes to household cleaning items.    Check out their facebook page for more of their products.