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One question that I asked our Saladmaster consultants before deciding to get my Saladmaster cookware was how to clean these titanium steel babies.  If the method is going to be different from that of ordinary cookware, I might have some misgivings.  Ate Jane assured me that it’s not gonna be an inch different from the way we clean our cookware and somehow that sealed the deal.

Now that I’ve had them for some time, I have ‘mastered’ the way to clean my Saladmaster cookware.   I have been cooking more frequently now and have seen all types of grease in them.   Today I’m gonna show you how I cleaned the most stubborn of them all – oil grease – using an ordinary dishwashing liquid, vinegar and a “secret powder”.

It started with cooking herbed baby potatoes last Sunday and I drizzled them with olive oil for frying.  I used my Saladmaster gourmet pan (8 inches) to fry them in.  I realized too late that  I should have used the electric skillet to bake them.   Anyway, the potatoes came out fine (and delicious!) but my gourmet pan got the worse grease trap I’ve seen so far:   Yikes!   So as soon as the pan has cooled off, I filled it with water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid, and then left it while we went to clean the apartment (Sunday is our cleaning day).

I went back to my pan as soon as we’re done cleaning, and the next step is to scrap off the grease.   By this time the hard grease has soften up and easier to remove.  I bought this plastic scraper months ago and it’s very handy and effective.  It takes off grease, hard-turned sauces, etc. without scratching the pan.   After I was done scrubbing, I cleaned it with a mixture of vinegar and dishwashing liquid.  This has been my fool-proof formula at removing sauces, light grease and others.   This tip was given to me by Kuya Rene and Ate Jane.       The bottom part of the pan is now clean and back to its original color but those brown grease at the sides still won’t leave!    Enter my Saladmaster Stainless Steel Powder Cleaner!    It’s my first time to use this because I reserve it for hard-to-clean grease.  And now is the time to use it hehe!   Just put a little of this power powder and add a bit of water to form a paste.   Scrub the mixture throughout the pan, focusing on the hard-to-clean areas.  See the BIG difference?    From “brown/black” to “silvery white”.     I love them sparklingly clean!   It’s more “enticing” to use them that way.   Like you’re cooking for a cooking show where all equipments are brand new hehe.

If you are interested about Saladmaster cookware, drop me an email at dbrightspot@gmail.com.

Better yet, let a Saladmaster consultant to cook an entire meal for you and your friends with absolutely no obligation They will bring the food and do all the cleaning afterwards.  All you need to do is invite your friends and relatives.   It will be a meal to remember!