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I cannot forget this purple pretty convenience store that we passed by in our travels around the Tuguegarao region some weeks ago.   It’s called Mercedes Place and it reminds me of purple yam anywhere I look!   Truly, the owner of this place knows his/her colors well.  Surrounding yourself with purple is said to bring peace of mind while encouraging creativity and imagination.    And being in this place really energized me but I think it’s more because I love the color purple too!

Sigh, I can stay at Mercedes Place for hours.  But we were there for only a few minutes for a bathroom break and to buy some snacks for our long travels.

I wasn’t able to take pictures of their clean, spacious and home-y rest rooms but this signage outside the store guarantees just that:    And had we stayed a wee bit longer, I would have lazed around their porch which was kept cool by lots of ceiling fans.   Indeed, being at Mercedes Place is like being home.   And I have a feeling that I will come back here again – and again.