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When my nephew Liam turned 1 in October last year, his parents threw a cowboy-theme party for him and his guests and I made the simple, Western-style invitations for them.

This year Liam will turn 2 and he will celebrate it in school with the Dalmatian dogs as theme.   You see, Liam loves animals, most is most fond with “Aw-Aw” – a dalmatian dog stuff toy given to him by his Ahma (grandma).

So his little celebration at school will have a dalmatian dog theme.  Again, I was “commissioned” to do the invitations for his classmates – all 6 of them – plus his 3 teachers.   There were lots of Dalmatian-dog inspired invitations online that I could use but I thought a dog bone invitation would be cute, just like this one from Bliss Party Designs:   Using my left over craft papers, I designed a dog bone, and kept the text simple so that it will not appear “crowded” inside the dog bone.    I used bright colors for the outline (instead of red in the sample invitation above), which would match Liam’s school colors.

Here they are before I cut the outline in different colors.  Nice, aren’t they?   It’s a good thing I have enough red ribbons in my stash to tie around the dog bone invitations.  The printable tags from Wilton (left-over stuff from my wedding) also came in handy.    I wrote the names of Liam’s classmates in the printable (name) tags:   I tied the name tags into the dog bone invitation using the left-over red ribbons.

Ta-da!    Here are the colorful (Dalmatian) dog bone invitations for Liam’s classmates and teachers, ready for distribution  =) 

I had fun doing this (I love paper craft projects!) and I hope Liam and his classmates will like the invitations I made for them   =)