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AJ and I happened to pass by the old Wok Inn restaurant along Remedios Street, Malate on our way to Robinson’s Place Manila yesterday and decided to take our late lunch there.     We used to frequent this place at its Makati branch (the one in Parksquare 1 just across Dusit Thani Hotel) but that one has long closed so this one is the closest we could get to.      You could say that AJ and I were both excited and happy to be back at Wok Inn again – having not remembered anymore when was the last time we were there (it must really be that long!).

When at Wok Inn, you should NOT miss their famous Stuffed Squid (P200.00) – 2 pieces of big squids generously stuffed with spring onion leaves and drizzled with a sweet oyster sauce.   Almost every occupied table we found at Wok Inn has an order of this stellar dish.  AJ missed Sipa very much so we ordered for that, too.   The dish is called Sipa because it looks like the metal washer (covered with cloth) that we kick around when playing Sipa (which, in Filipino, means “to kick”).    Wok Inn’s version refers to fried dumplings with minced pork inside – which you dip in a soy sauce-vinegar combination for added “kick”.    An order of Sipa will already give you 6 pieces of fried dumplings that costs only P95.00(!).   We also ordered Halaan (clam) Soup (P120.00), which was oh-so-good and has a rich clam flavor.   Our bill (including the rice and juices) totaled only P550.00, which is pretty cheap for utterly delicious food made of fresh seafood and meat.    Total value for your money!

Wok Inn Restaurant:   471 Remedios St., Malate   |   (+63 2) 526-7744