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I LOVE cheesecakes.   My ultimate indulgence is the New York Cheesecake from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, but my ultimate favorite is the blueberry cheesecake, which I get from the Red Ribbon Bakeshop.

Photo source: mylot.com

It used to be that I buy blueberry cheesecake only at Red Ribbon.  I love their blueberry filling very much, as well as the rich, creamy taste (and texture) of the cream cheese mixture.     But now it doesn’t taste as luxuriously good as it had before, and the amount of blueberry filling on top has shrunk considerably.

For a while I stopped craving for blueberry cheesecake because I always end up disappointed, even cheated.  Either the blueberry filling’s too little, too sweet or not well-cooked, or the cream cheese mixture tasted more like a jell-o mixture.   I have no problem with the pie crust, because somehow it’s the least that I notice.  For me, a good blueberry cheesecake is one that lets you savor the richness and mild sweetness of cream cheese, and the freshness of blueberry filling.    And it has be mostly blueberries – a cheesecake that has more whipped cream than blueberries is not a blueberry cheesecake for me.

So when I saw somebody from my friend’s Facebook page introducing her homemade blueberry cheesecake which she sells online at her shop, Eve’s Cakes and Sweets, I checked her out.   There’s already a long thread of comments from her customers raving and inquiring about her blueberry cheesecake that I know I have to have and eat it soon.  I immediately sent a message to Ms. Eirene, the proprietress and pastry baker herself, and placed my order.  Her guaranteeing my satisfaction made me more excited and as my Ninang‘s birthday was coming up, I decided to bring the cheesecake too to share to the celebrant and her guests.

Ms. Eirene was very easy to talk to and scheduling the pick-up (or meet up) for the delivery of cheesecake was fast and uncomplicated.  She arrived at our agreed time and place, and the transaction was done in a breeze.   I would have loved to stay longer and chat with her (and her cute grown-up daughter) but it was almost dinner time when we met so we have to split up early.

AJ and I happily took home the blueberry cheesecake and painstakingly avoided the temptation of eating it that night (the party’s scheduled for the following day).

Who wouldn’t drool at the look of this blueberry cheesecake with full pie crust and fancy whipped cream icings on top?  The triple madness:  thick layer of blueberry filling, delicious-looking whipped cream icings and full pie crust that did not crumble.  Eirene definitely didn’t scrimp on the ingredients!   And the verdict?   It was superb!

All the guests loved it and so did us!  The cream cheese mixture was really made of pure cream cheese – it  was rich and wonderfully good.  It also has the mild sweetness that’s perfect for my taste and the texture was not at all soft, so I know there’s no shortcut ingredient in there (no jelly or gelatin).      The blueberry filling was tops!  It was plenty(!) and nicely cooked, tasting almost like a freshly made jam.      My plate was wiped clean of any purple marks because I finish even the littlest bits of the blueberry filling.       As for the whipped cream, I have to admit I am not a fan of whipped creams but Eirene’s own-recipe cream looked so good and yet so light I couldn’t resist not trying it.   And I liked it.  The texture was light and fluffy and it’s not sugary sweet as I expected.  It was sweet alright, but not in an overpowering sense so as to leave me feeling hyper and drowsy at the same time.

The pie crust, on the other hand, was a  pleasant surprise.  It was mixed with crushed cashew nuts that delighted my taste buds.  Definitely a nice touch to the classic blueberry cheesecake recipe.

I’d say that I’ve found the perfect homemade blueberry cheesecake in Eirene to satisfy my regular cravings for my all-time favorite dessert.   And you should try it too!  She’s definitely not kidding when she says her blueberry cheesecake is that good It really is!

Eve’s Cakes and Sweets accepts orders not just for its best-selling blueberry cheesecake but for other customized cakes and cupcakes as well.   To order, contact Ms. Eirene at (0922)8410901 or (02)3470899 or visit (and like!) their facebook page here.