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I’ve always found it cool to have had a lola (grandma) who shared her birth date with John Lennon, my favorite among the Beatles.   My mom would always kid me for forgetting to greet my lola on her birthday, and yet I never fail to forget that it’s John Lennon’s birthday hehe.   Weird, huh?

I’m glad that I wasn’t born in the 60’s or I would end up stalking the Beatles too, like what their fans did back then.   I would collect all things about them – especially John’s – who is my favorite because for me he’s the more prolific songwriter in the band (no offense to Paul McCartney fans) and the better musician, too.

Oh, let me take that back. He’s not only the better but actually the greatest musician who has ever lived.  I’m sure I’m not the first one to say that.

Ironically, my favorite among his many songs (including from those penned with Paul McCartney) is not the world famous “Imagine” but the lesser popular and well-known, “I Am The Walrus”.   Its distorted, unstructured lyrics and psychedelic rock music sounds wonderful together and so addicting to listen to.  I am absolutely crazy with this song!

And so, to commemorate the birthday of John Lennon today, let’s sing to this Beatles-penned birthday song for him – performed by Paul McCartney at Red Square, Moscow in 2003.