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I can’t believe how far my P1,000.00 (about $24.00 at current exchange rate) went when I looked at the items I bought from last weekend’s warehouse sale at World Trade Center, sponsored by Robinson’s Mall and Metrobank Credit Card.

Side story:  I went with AJ and my cousin, Mae Anne, and almost backed out when we were told that the sale is exclusive to Metrobank cardholders.  But if I register to one of their credit cards, we get free entrance but then again, if I buy something then I have to pay in cash (because the other option is pay with a Metrobank credit card).  Okey, fine.  I checked my wallet and found that I only have an extra P1,000.00 as shopping money but since we’re already there, we might as well check it out.

Our first stop was the Toy Kingdom booth.   The basic Barbies were on a Buy 1, Take 1 promo at P400.00 (that means only P200.00 for each doll), but since I only have P1,000.00 as shopping money, I decided to look elsewhere for more bargain items.

Then I found this big bag sale across the Toy Kingdom booth and in there scored really nice gift items at super low prices!   It’s a good thing the place was not that crowded yet so I was able to check the items carefully for damages.

I fell in love with these canvas tote bags with dainty prints and bought 5 of them.    They have little compartments inside – perfect for putting coins, keys and other small items for easy reach.  I also found these black vanity kits and took a couple of them.  I realized now that I should have gotten more of these cos they’re selling really cheap and can be the perfect pouches for my Christmas give-away (to male colleagues at the office). My favorite magazines (“Yummy” and “Real Living”) were also on sale at  P50.00 each!  That’s more than 50% discount from their regular prices.    I also got this Disney magazine with Ariel on the cover for AJ’s niece.   Saizen also has some items on sale, like these Meji dark chocolates which we got on a buy 1, take 1 promo for only P85.00!   Lastly, I found this snowman decor at True Value which is just one of many  Christmas decors (in excellent used condition) on sale there.   There’s this lady ahead of us who filled her cart with loads of these stuffed decors (of Santas, snowmen, angels and reindeers) and who wouldn’t?  They’re being sold for as low sa P50.00!    And this snowman I took home was only P100.00!   A little wash in the laundry shop and it’ll look sparklingly new.  Imagine this – 14 items for only P1,000!  It couldn’t get better than that!   I am so happy with my loot, and the fact that it didn’t break my wallet!