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There’s something new at Rockwell and everyone’s checking it out:  It’s Made in Candy – a Singapore-based candy kitchen specializing in hand-made candies.   Often called “sugar art”, these candies are hand-made by  candy sculptors or “candy artisans”.  They come in different tastes, textures and colors – but the ultimate surprise lies inside the candy ring in which you will see a butterfly, a grape, champagne glass or a heart – perfectly drawn inside like it was just stamped there.

How did they do it?   We were able to catch some candy artisans “in action”  and honestly, everything they did look simple!  Check out the pictures below:

It started with this “candy dough”…

…which was rolled like this until it got longer and longer…

Then this guy twirled the rolled dough into longer but “thinner” version, and he kept doing that until the candy turned…

…this super thin!

Perfect and ready for cutting.

The first cut.   

The last cut was already the candy-size cut – which will give you the surprise picture inside the candy ring.  For this one they made a butterfly!

The finished products:   The price list: 

Now, if you’re a big candy lover you sure must check out Made in Candy!    Imagine being in a candy factory and seeing all those colored sweets being turned into something artistic!

To know more about Made in Candy, visit their website or like their Facebook page!

Made in Candy is located at Level 2 Bridgeway of the Powerplant Mall, Rockwell.   It’s right in front of Bayo and La Senza.