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We were at Greenhills Shopping Center last week to buy pearl necklaces as gifts.   You all know that Greenhills is the ultimate mecca here in Manila for quality freshwater and south sea pearls and in there you will find rows and rows of stalls selling pearl strands and pearl/diamond jewelries.

But there was one store that stood out because it has a “brand name”:   Berdori Jewelry is owned by Grace Bernstein who started her pearl jewelry business by selling fine jewelry and south sea pearls in the US.  She decided to get a place here in Greenhills when her mom was offered a spot there.

I thought that because hers is a “branded” jewelry, her price will be much, much higher than those of her competitors (and there are almost a hundred of them there) but I was happily surprised to find that her prices are almost the same as the others, with almost little premium at all.

I was able to buy 2 pearl necklaces as planned and I decided to have it custom-made instead of picking from the ready-to-wear pieces.  I had so much fun picking from among the many strands of pearls of different colors and sizes which to transform into pearl necklaces.       I bought a 2-strand necklace of quality pearls in alternating shades of champagne, pink and lilac, and a 1-strand necklace of quality white pearls.   Both costs me only P3,600!   So cheap!

Berdori Jewelry also sells fine jewelries set in diamonds, south sea pearls and colored precious stones.   The have a lay-away plan for these big ticket items.  I was totally loving the chunky bracelets adorned with south sea pearls.  And those earrings in colored stones are totally in right now!

The best part about buying from Berdori Jewelry is that your purchase comes with a velvet black pouch (totally luxurious-looking!) and then placed in an elegant black gift bag.   (Picture is from their official Facebook page). Here’s how ours actually looked like (not yet ribboned up):  

Berdori Jewelry is located at the Ground Floor, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila.     Like their Facebook page too to see more of their gorgeous south sea pearl jewelry pieces.