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Some weeks back I discovered, to my dismay, that my favorite Balenciaga bag has developed molds after being stored away for quite some time.  I don’t know why or how it got molds since my I keep all my bags in fabric pouches and there are humidifiers scattered around my bag cabinet.

It’s a good thing I smelled it immediately and was relieved to see that the molds were just forming.    Here’s how I got rid of the molds:

1.   I removed the molds using a damp cloth dipped in little drop of disinfectant (for added OC-ness).

2.   Next, I air dried the bag (not directly under the sun) until the the spots cleaned with damp cloth have dried up.

3.   Then I cleaned it using a leather cleaner.    4.  Finally, I “air dried” the bag (for half a day) to get the mold smell off it and also for the bag to absorb the leather cleaner.    You can repeat this for days until you are satisfied with the smell of your bag.   I’ve been using this bag for close to three weeks now and the molds haven’t come back.  The mold smell are almost faint now and I think the little packets of moisture-eliminating silica gels that I placed inside the bag really helped in dissipating the mold smell.

My favorite bag is now good as new!