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I’ve put a really big dent in my wallet after attending 2 warehouse sale events last Saturday.   One was the Home World Warehouse Sale at SM Megamall and the other was the Bodega Sale of ARQ Curtains at Plainview, Mandaluyong City.  AJ and I braved the traffic to get to these 2 places and it was so worth it.  We were able to score some really nice items for our home at super low prices!

It was at the Bodega Sale of ARQ Curtains were I had the most fun because I love curtains and throw pillow cases.   I remember when we first decorated our apartment I told AJ that we’ll probably be needing only 2 sets of curtains-and-throw-pillow-cases.   But now I’ve collected around 4 sets already – 1 for each season.    And the collection just keeps growing every time I catch a sale – like this Bodega Sale from ARQ Curtains where everything is marked down for up to 70%!    We got there at half past 6 already but thankfully the place was still open, with just a  few people shopping for sale items.    The staff were busy re-arranging the items for the last day of sale (scheduled the following day) but they did not hesitate to assist us when we were at lost on where to find half-length curtains or another piece of a throw pillow case that we liked.   Just some of the “few” items you could choose from the sale:   I fell in love with these black curtains and bought a pair.  The price was marked down at 50%!   This throw pillow case matched the curtains very well and it’s only P100.00 a piece!   Aside from scoring big sale items such as these, another reason for our going to the ARQ Curtains Bodega Sale was for these throw pillows:   The Anglophile in me screamed when I first saw this picture at ARQ Curtains’ facebook page (thanks Joy, for the heads-up!).    I just have to have them!

As I expected, these England-inspired throw pillows weren’t part of the big sale but were marked down at 20%.    We were kindly assisted by the head boss / owner (?) of ARQ Curtains, who instructed his staff to take out the London-inspired pillow cases from the stockroom for us to see.

Ahhh, our ultimate dream design!   AJ couldn’t part with this pillow after being told that it’s only a prototype and is not yet available.  We were informed that the Union Jack pillow case in its original colors (blue, red and white) is not available, but the exact same design in monochromatic colors (such as yellow, green, red and blue) are available.  So to match our black-and-white curtains, we decided to get this black-and-white combination.    Of course, we will not pass this opportunity to take home the City of London!  The iconic London phone booths.    Our total bill came at less than P3,000.00, for purchases that’s worth over P7,000.00!

If you also love design curtains and pillow cases like me, better keep tab at what ARQ Curtains is offering.  Better yet, like their facebook page now so you can always have the first preview of their new designs, and be the first to know about their future Bodega Sales!

My bargain loot did not end  here at ARQ Curtains.   In my next post I will show you what I took home from the Homeworld Warehouse Sale at SM Megamall   =)