Who would’ve thought that a toddler’s haircut can be so stressful?

Liam, my adorable 2-year old nephew, was brought to Cuts 4 Tots Hair Salon in Glorietta last December for a much needed haircut.    My brother and sis-in-law tried to get him a haircut in Cebu many times already but all are in vain.  Liam just won’t have it.

AJ and I tagged along with Liam’s lolo and lola (my dad and mom), Ate Donna and Ate Lilia (Liam’s dependable Ates) on the trip to the hair salon.   Liam’s dad and mom (that’s my brother Dino, and sis-in-law Juvvy) stayed hidden the whole time so Liam wouldn’t be distracted with their presence.

Liam didn’t want to sit in the barber’s chair (in shape of a car) so Ate Donna has to hold him (until the hair cutting business was finished).   I actually preferred it that way so Liam will not shift too much, which will make it more difficult for the barber to cut his hair.

The first cut (or rather, the first shave) was smooth and uneventful.  The barber started at the back of his head so Liam didn’t feel irritated at all.     P1060593bHe was even playing with Ate Donna.    P1060598bThen his face changed.  Like he was trying to understand what Kuya (the barber) is doing with his hair.   P1060596b“My hair!”   Not only did Liam see the little hairs in his arm (we couldn’t make him wear the tunic), it also started to irritate him.       P1060599bHe then started to call for help.  Liam was able to free himself from Ate Donna and went to his lolo’s arms.  He probably thought they’re on the way out so he was pulling his body towards the door hehe.  P1060609bAll of us in the room were, at this point, trying to comfort him and distract him at the same time by showing videos from his iPad, clapping and blowing big, soapy bubbles (c/o Cuts 4 Tots).   P1060613b

It was successful – for a while.   Liam made his plea again and lola came to his rescue.   But still no escape from Kuya, the barber.    Lola was able to distract him a little with a kiddie movie being shown at the salon.  P1060618bLiam also thought his Tito AJ can help him escape, but a half-finished haircut is not a haircut!    So poor little boy, he has to finish this ordeal.  P1060622bJust a little more, Liam!    Liam even agreed to be carried by the lady staff at Cuts 4 Tot after realizing that all of us aren’t being helpful, anyway haha!        P1060607b

Finally, the haircut is done!  Liam was relieved that it was over!  Ate Donna (left) and Ate Lilia (right) helped him change into a new shirt.  P1060627bJust as we are exiting the salon, his parents are already heading towards us.   The little boy was finally reunited with his parents, and it was only here that I started to breath normally.   P1060633bLiam must have used up so much of his energy during the haircut, he slept like a log when they got home hehe!