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It’s so hard to find a really good fruitcake nowadays.   Those that I’ve tried tasted more like sponge cake than fruitcake.   So whenever I would crave for one, I’d buy a slice of rum cake from Figaro.  For me, their rum cake is the next best thing to a fruitcake.  It has a sweet and intoxicating taste, exactly the way I want my fruitcake to be.  I also want it to be overloaded with nuts (in big chunks!), prunes and dried fruits.

So when my mom announced last December that our family received a Christmas fruitcake, I thought that my search was finally over.  But because we received lots of other sweets too during the holidays, we both forgot about it.   During their post-holiday cleaning (which includes cleaning the fridge),  they saw the fruitcake and finally took it out.

It’s a good thing you can eat this all year round!      P1060697b For me, a good fruitcake should not scrimp on nuts, prunes and dried fruits.  And l got my wish on that because our fruitcake was generously loaded with these treats!  The more nuts and fruits are there, the merrier it is to have!  P1060688b

And now – the cake.   I thought I’ll be giving it high marks as well but it was a disappointing finish.   Dry and crumbly and with only a faint taste of spirit, it shattered my dream of a luxuriously rich flavored fruitcake.   It is badly needing of a bath in rum, too.

Unfortunately, the supplier of this fruitcake will remain unidentified because there’s no sticker label or fine prints anywhere in the package box identifying him or her.

So there, my search for a good fruitcake is still on.   Any suggestions on where I could buy one that meets all my requirements?