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Our first home project in 2013:  wall art!

I’ve been wanting to spice up the walls in our living room which is painted in pale yellow.  But I don’t know exactly what I want to put there.  All I know is that I don’t want them adorned with mirrors and picture frames.  I’m just not into those.   I want funky wall decors.

And what could be more funky that these 3D wall decor from Umbra called Wallflower Chromewhich I got from Dimensione last weekend.    P1060746b Sticking the flowers in the wall was an easy feat.  The package came with super strong double adhesive tapes and plastic tacks that will hold the flowers with the adhesive tape.   No hammering required – at all!

I wish I had planned on the pattern first before sticking the flowers.  The result was a free-flowing shape that’s cute and spontaneous, but a bit too high for this accent chair.     P1060779bSigh, I wish I’ve been more patient.  I honestly think I did not get the desired effect from this wall art.  Or is it just my camera?

Because up close, they’re perfect!   (noteI used Cinemascope mode at Picasa to highlight the wallflowers, hence the pinkish wall color).  P1060784b


What do you think?   Should I re-do the pattern and start all over?

Meanwhile, I posted this picture of the accent chair over at Instagram and it was a hit!   P1060778bThis lovely chair is one of our first purchases for the apartment.   It is actually AJ’s chair.   I have mine too and it’s shaped like the Louis Ghost chair but only better hehe!   P1060805cBoth are from Mandaue Foam and they’re made of fabrics, not synthetic leather.   We’re amazed at how they’ve retained much of their original color after 2 years (and with minimal dusting/cleaning).

Going back to our wall art, the current shape is actually beginning to grow on me…. but I still want to give it some thought over the weekend   =)      Maybe I’ll just re-arrange the flowers and group together the big ones so that they’ll look more prominent than the rest.

It’s a good thing the flowers are removable, but the tacks with adhesive tapes are not so the pattern cannot take on other shapes.     Will let you know if this little design fix will help.

To those interested in trendy home designs such as this by Umbra, they’re available at Dimensione and National Bookstore.