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While making breakfast last weekend, I found some left-over mozzarella cheese at our freezer (yes, I keep my cheeses there because they’re easier to grate when frozen) and with the remaining slices of black pepper ham  bought from Earle’s Delicatessen, I made these open-faced ham and cheese sandwiches using wheat rolls as base.          P1060739b
The full-flavored mozzarella cheese gave this classic sandwich recipe a lovely twist.  Add to that the aromatic flavor of thyme and you have a gourmet sandwich in a jiffy.

To prepare, slice some wheat rolls into 2 (you can also use french bread) and arrange in a plate.  Put 2-3 slices of the black pepper ham on each bread and top with chunks of mozzarella cheese.    Sprinkle with dried thyme leaves.   P1060723bP1060724bBake in an oven toaster for about 5 minutes, or until the mozzarella melts.   P1060727bServe (and eat) while still hot!     P1060734bP1060732b

You can also use pepperoni ham for a more kid-friendly taste.   It will definitely remind them of their favorite pizza, minus the sweet sauce though.

Do try it and enjoy a gourmet-type ham and cheese sandwich, anytime!