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We were at Greenhills last weekend to do some errands, which includes bringing some feng shui bracelets for re-stringing.

There’s only 1 stall there that I go to for my feng shui braceletsBensani Jewelry – which you will find at the pearls section, very near the entrance to the Greenhills chapel.   They sell the best-looking charm bracelets in the area, and in varying stone grade or quality, to suit your budget.  

They also sell door hangers that are said to protect or bring good luck to the home’s occupants.      For those who are more into jade pieces, you will absolutely love these jade carved pendants, in green and yellow hues.    Amazing details.    Long strand necklaces are bestsellers too.  I just love the lapiz lazuli double-strand necklace at the left.       Necklaces inside the glass display cabinets are much more expensive, because of the quality and sizes of the stones used.    Again, the lapis lazuli necklace is a standout (at least for me hehe!) And for serious feng shui practitioners at home, these  precious stone displays, all guaranteed authentic, would make good investments with their artifact-quality carvings and naturally formed colors (a rarity).   Whether you need a powerful Chi to balance the elements in your body or not, these colorful precious stone jewelries and carved displays will truly charm you!

Tell me, how much of feng shui do you believe?  Do you like charm bracelets as well?   Do you wear them for their supposed “powers” or to simply accessorize your wardrobe?